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We have an important function of identifying girls who aspire to be chartered accountants. Not only are we visible but it is equally necessary for us to be active in supporting them in achieving this goal.

This is done through our bursary programme, which provides funds to study at an institution of their choice. Furthermore, we support our bursars and other aspiring Chartered Accountants though our student chapters; which are an active network of accounting students in several universities across the country.

These student chapters provide a platform to share knowledge and experiences within their studies and have access to mentors that can guide them as they transition from university into the chartered accounting profession.

Programmes under this pillar include:

  1. School Visits
  2. Students & Bursary Fund
  3. Student Chapters
  4. Mentorship


We nurture aspiring chartered accountants through programs that assist them in preparing for their board exams and working through academic challenges until they qualify.

We also provide valuable support programmes such as financial literacy workshops for members who are new in the profession as well as our popular Power Teas. These events are an important facet to AWCA as they offer members the opportunity to engage with influential industry leaders in a relaxed environment.

The Power Teas provide the platform to learn how to navigate various challenges including corporate politics and unwritten rules in business while inspiring resilience and leadership. The Power Tea is also our most engaging networking event.

Programmes under this pillar include:

  1. Mentorship
  2. ITC/APC Workshops
  3. Professional Development
  4. Power Spaces


We actively promote leadership development programs that are offered to our members which provide mentorship and coaching, encourage board preparation, round table discussions and celebrating the success of industry leaders.

We also offer support and opportunities to members who are budding entrepreneurs with ideas that need guidance and resources for emerging and established businesses. We play an active role in grooming our members to hold key decision-making positions in corporate South Africa and the public sector.

We firmly believe that it is our duty to participate in this way, as we develop and nurture the future leaders of our country in order to achieve sustainable economic development and transformation.

Programmes under this pillar include:

  1. Leadership Development - Duke Fordham
  2. Executive Education
  3. Executive & Board Placements
  4. Entrepreneurs Forum

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